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Guest Posts on Blogs

Let’s Talk About Depression

it’s magazine

Veganuary: All In or In at All? p 59-60

What’s The Buzz On Buzzwords? p 15-16

New University | Official Campus Newspaper of University of California, Irvine

Interactive Coronavirus Twitter Map Launched By UCI Research Team

UCI Humanities Center Holds Live-Stream Series In Honor Of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

UCI Nurses Hold Candlelight Vigil And Demand Access To Protective Gear Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

UCI Team Develops App To Trace The Spread of COVID-19

Safest Drugs

PRESS RELEASE: Demands for Statewide Legislation to Mandate Patient Counseling

PRESS RELEASE: New Board Member

Sweety High

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5 Black-Owned Beauty Brands To Love And Support